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Web Sales Configurator

The Better way to sell customizable product

Qmaze makes it easy to sell product which are customized. The Qmaze configurator will guide your customers through all options. More..

Happy Customers

React faster on your customers questions. Customers can configure quotes themselves, and get immediate and accurate perfect prices and quotes More...

Increase your Sales

Manage your customers quotes.
Your sales can respond faster to customer requests. More..

Reduce Errors

Always a correct quote, correct prices and a configuration that is compliant and technically correct. No more forgotton options. Qmaze will log your customer choices and changes. More...


Qmaze will visualize your product and their options and choices. Your product will be more transparent then ever, your customers better informed and satisfied. More...

Streamline to ERP

Qmaze can generate a detailed Bill-of-Material and drawings which can integrate in your ERP environment. Production preparation is reduced to a simple mouseclick. More...

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Recent Works
Altantis Memorials
Kingsley Footwear
Exertis Micro-P
Hauzer Techno coating

Do you prefer a demo at your office?

No problem. We provide demo's focused on your own needs, no obligation's what so ever. Contact us directly.

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Qmaze CMS

Qmaze includes a modern and easy to use Content Management System, where you can create and manage the Qmaze website and all Output Reports and layouts. Qmaze CMS is multi-lingual allowing all screens and layouts to be in any language. Qmaze is fully responsive thanks to the design using Twitter Bootstrap.

Dealer Portal

With Qmaze you can allow your customers, dealers, agents to login to your world. They can create quotes, order products, monitor the production progress and view and download the latest product and company information.

Easy To Customize

No customer is the same. That's why our software is easy to customize. Set your preferences and make it your own program.

Fully Supported

If you need help, we are there for you. Our extensive customer service system makes sure that your questions are handled in the right way.

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